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We are the only company in Mexico, in the area of electron microscopy, which has an experienced and full service department dedicated solely to JEOL equipment and accessories. This allows us to provide our customers with efficiency and confidence. Whatever the application or type of laboratory, our team of specialists will be providing the backing and support that only JEOL can provide.

Our department has 8 Mexican engineers dedicated entirely to the installation, the preventive and corrective maintenance and technical support for the entire JEOL product line and accessories.

Our specialists in scanning electron microscopy and transmission, have an average of nearly 15 years of experience. The success of the service is based on extensive experience and low turnover of staff.

The department has the recognition of the laboratories in the country. As an example, UNAM has a contract that includes more than 25 electron microscopes.

The training of our engineers is done both in JEOL USA and JEOL Ltd. in Japan, and they receive full and continuing support for facilities and training of special teams.

In Mexico and abroad, our engineers are recognized by many of our users by their professionalism and dedication. Day after day, that motivates us to continue to improve based on our philosophy and commitment to our clients.

We provide all the necessary support related to instrumentation. For example, pre-installation studies include the analysis of vibration and magnetic field, along with advise on installation in the laboratory.

With regard to support applications, critical in the use of electron microscopy, we have the largest network of media applications. JEOL Institute in Boston, Massachusetts establishes the programs and plans of training to our users at all levels.

The Applications Center in JEOL Ltd., Japan, coordinates the dissemination and development of techniques of instrumentation and maintains close and permanent contact with the application specialists in each region of the world.

In Mexico, we have a specialist who joins the network of support and help him quickly get the most out of technology and instrumentation.

Additionally, and in relation to the characterization of materials and biological samples, we are in close collaboration with many of our customers, thus enhancing the integration between our users and drawing on the experience of everyone in your field. The application areas are wide and varied. These include:

  • Materials Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biological and Biomedical
  • Quality Control
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electronics and semiconductor
  • Forensic
  • Quarrying

JEOL provides the highest degree of expertise and support in applications including:

  • Theoretical courses
  • Workshops on the instrument
  • Courses
  • Rating sampling
  • Visits to laboratories
  • JEOL Certification
  • Follow up on learning
  • Development of special procedures
  • Advisory standing at no cost
  • Re-training at no cost to JEOL users


JEOL Mexico SA of C.V.
Arkansas 11 Piso 2
Colonia Nápoles
Delegación Benito Juárez
C.P. 03810
Mexico D.F.

Telephone: (55) 5448-5900
Fax: (55) 52 11 07 20
Cell: 044 55 1877 6384
044 55 1877 6388
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Manager: Ing. Leopoldo Enriquez